Energy Party 2012


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  1. Benjamin sagt:

    Ich konnte ichwisnzen den die URL zum Rss Feed gefunden, ist die Seite auch auf Facebook zu finden? Ich will gerne auf Facebook auf dem laufenden bleiben.

  2. … schwäääärm, so schöne Teilchen, am besten finde ich auch die Knäufe, ich glaub, so oft gibt es die nicht…Dir noch einen schönen AbendGGGLG Antje

  3. i write lists and notes and lose them all the time as well. it may be encouraging to know that eventually i remember what i needed to know… although i don’t always do so in a timely manner.

    • Irish sagt:

      28Johnsons position on weed and gambling disqualify him any chance with the GOP. The moral majortiy wackjobs that control that side of the “big ten22#8&t1; would never allow it. He can’t get through the Iowa, SC or FL primaries.

  4. Tip top stuff. I’ll expect more now.

  5. To me,if jusco buat wish mcm tu org jepun akan baca ke? lagi2 if tulis dgn BM..better letak tabung kutip derma org2 kt sana..Diz thread published i think to share wif others untuk satu bnd yg melucukan hati bkn untuk bergaduh..pls la..

  6. Damn this post is pretty touching. One of the mottos I live by is “You are dying, do stuff.” It’s a pretty strong motivator. I think life is like one long emergency, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I like the idea that one day, I won’t be here. It gives me something to live for (in a strange sort of way).All the best Vanessa

  7. Personally, when I game in scantily clothing it’s probably laundry day and my hair is in a bun, granny panties are in full force and in an old triathlon race shirt. maybe with some last night makeup crusties on my face.-Loyal ps girl

  8. vu avec l’incertitude te toutes ces infos je pense que je v me pencher sur une rom avec l’os 4.0.4, et quand finalement une version stable sortira je reviendrais sur l’ota de sfr

  9. http://www./ sagt:

    I try to leave styling of buttons to the web browser.So if user’s are used to Mac style buttons, they’ll get buttons in the Mac style button.If they are used to KDE style buttons, they’ll get the KDE style button.If Firefox 3 has nicer buttons than Firefox 2, then the pages will reflect that too.Less work for me. I’m not sure the user will mind with older browsers / platforms.Stephan

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